How to make LAlarm to talk

You can customize your LAlarm to make a voice announce instead of the generic alarm sound. For example, you can download and use health-alarm-mute30.wav file. The following steps will guide you to change the default health alarm sound with a new sound file, which you just downloaded.

  1. Run LAlarm Options (by selecting Start > All Programs > LAlarm > Options).
  2. Select Sound tab.
  3. Check 'Browse' button next to Health alarm.
  4. Select health-alarm-mute30.wav.
  5. Press OK or Apply button
  6. Log out and in the Windows.

When you use your computer a longer than you specified amount the time, you will hear a voice announcement 'It is time for a break' instead of the default alarm sound. Likewise you can change other default alarm sound in the above steps.

The voice announcement will continue for 30 seconds unless you press the mute button. If you'd like to change the repetition length, you can simply change the file name with a desire time length. For example, if you'd like to repeat the reminder for 60 seconds, you rename the filename as health-alarm-mute60.wav. If you'd like to repeat the reminder indefinitely until you press mute button, you just remove '-mute' from the filename. For example, 'health-alarm.wav'.

A simpler example is to use armed.wav file. You can download and specify the sound file as Armed sound in the Sound tab. If you prefer to use the default sound, you just click on Browse button and click Cancel button.

The above instruction also applies to changing the default alarm sound for the theft alarm. You use any wave file to change LAlarm alarm sound from the Sound tab. For more info, see also 'Changing Alarm Sound' topic in the product manual.

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