LAlarm praised by Genius Geek

Genius Geek praised LAlarm for helping user to save laptop from being stolen. Here are some excerpts:
LAlam is a laptop security software that prevents your laptop from being stolen…. As the name suggests it consist of seven alarm along with many security function which helps a user to save the laptop from being stolen….LAlam laptop security software not only helps in from laptop being stolen but it also helps in saving your private sensitive data.

Big Geek Daddy blog praised LAlarm for converting a flash drive into a car like alarm for laptops

Big Geek Daddy blog praised the innovation of LAlarm for converting a flash drive into a car like alarm for laptops.
If you have a Laptop Computer and use it in public places the Theft Alarm from LAlarm is something you might find useful.

One of the most inconvenient things about a laptop is getting up from your spot once you have settled in to go get a coffee refill or use the restroom. If you’re concerned about your computer being stolen then you might take it with you which has it’s own risks in case you drop it.

With Theft Alarm and a usb flash drive you can turn your laptop into a car alarm that will sound an alert if someone removes the flash device.

LAlarm on facebook and

Now you can connect LAlarm on Facebook and Twitter.

Daily download count reaches about 1,500

LAlarm download count has steadily been growing. A daily download count sets a new record with about 1,500.

This count includes only a single day download directly from but doesn't include LAlarm software download count from other download web sites.

Learn how to disarm the theft alarm before installing LAlarm

Please learn how to properly disarm the theft alarm before installing LAlarm.

LAlarm featured by the Kim Komando Show

The Kim Komando Show, the America's leading tech radio show, featured LAlarm last week.

"LAlarm is like a car alarm for your laptop. It’s pretty easy to use. When you get up for that coffee, lock your computer. Just press Windows Key + L. If your power adapter is unplugged, an alarm sounds at full volume. It can’t be turned off without logging back in."


Guiding Tech praised LAlarm as 1 of 13 must-have laptop security

Guiding Tech, a tech blog, selected LAlarm as one of 13 must-have laptop security software.

Source: "13 Must-Know Laptop Security Tips, Tools and Software"

Removing laptop battery while computer was running

If you removed the laptop battery while your laptop computer was running, it may result in loss of data or computer freeze. In a worst, the computer may not even start. You should avoid removing the laptop battery while your laptop computer is running. However if you did, Windows will try to recover from the improper shutdown. If Windows can not automatically recover it, you may seek a professional help from your laptop manufacturer. To avoid such problems, you should always properly shutdown your computer.

Removing battery won't disarm the theft alarm if the alarm is triggered.

How to disarm theft alarm

How To Disarm Theft Alarm

The number one tech support request has been coming from new users who triggered theft alarm without knowing how to disarm it. The disarm instruction is simple and easy. The below link also provide disarm instruction.

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Theft alarm will continue even after restarting the computer until you disarm the alarm

When you want to stop theft alarm sound, use proper the instruction to stop alarm. Otherwise, the alarm will persist even after restarting the computer. The theft alarm is designed to continue until it is disarmed by the authorized person (you). Learn how to disarm theft alarm