LAlarm prasied as intelligent and the most comprehensive software

Software Latest Releases, a software blog, praised as "an intelligent software" and "none as comprehensive as LAlarm". The blog further says "Finally, if we cannot avoid laptop theft, at least our most important data is safe with LAlarm". Here are excerpts from the article:
Laptop theft is one of the most frustrating things that could happen to a person. Beyond the machine itself, real problems arise due to sensitive data loss. Thus, nothing better than to have an alarm for robbers and if someone takes your computer anyway, a system that erase content, the most important element of your system.

However there are many alternatives to an alarm in your laptop, but none as comprehensive as LAlarm. LAlarm is an intelligent software that acts as the settings established by the user. LAlarm does blow its whistle when the computer is in danger of being stolen, which undermine your notebook or data stored on it. After you install the program, you must choose what actions should be taken in certain situations. But it is necessary to comply with certain conditions that identify themselves with the robber’s handheld.

To install the LAlarm you don’t need a long time. Click the executable file and choose Install. …

You can set the LAlarm to erase any files and folders when stolen. In addition to monitoring, LAlarm also alert the user through a variety of ways. The audible alarm is useful, however you are not always nearby to your notebook, so you can configure the program to automatically send an e-mail to your given e-mail ID. The application also provides options for notifications via SMS; however this option works only with American carriers. LAlarm also allows you to define a secure zone around your computer using different IP addresses.

The LAlarm has a differentiator for other applications of the genre, because it serves to monitor battery longevity, disk utilization and even idle system. The configuration is done manually and you are alerted constantly in cases of low battery, little use of the resources of the laptop and excessive use of disk. Finally, if we cannot avoid laptop theft, at least our most important data is safe with LAlarm.

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Please note that SMS alert feature may not work in some countries. However we have tested it also work with non-Amican carriers as well.