A leading netbook freeware blog praised LAlarm as "a very effective deterrent against netbook theft"

NetbookFreeware, a leading netbook freeware blog, praised LAlarm as "a very effective deterrent against netbook theft". NetbookFreeware further says:
LAlarm: Prevent your Netbook from Getting Stolen
LAlarm is a free software that helps in preventing your netbook from getting stolen. When a thief tries to steal your netbook, LAlarm sounds a loud alarm in the same manner as car alarm. This can deter the thief from stealing your netbook.
Erase Netbook Data if it is Stolen:
In case a thief manages to steal your netbook, one thing you might be most worried about is your sensitive data. LAlarm takes care of this too. In case your netbook is stolen, and the thief tries to login to netbook with wrong credentials, LAlarm will securely erase your pre-defined files and folders. Once the data deletion process is complete, LAlarm can even send you an email (only if netbook is connected to internet).
Apart from this, LAlarm can also send you an email and SMS when it detects that netbook is stolen. This works only if netbook is connected to internet.
Final Thoughts:
I find LAlarm a very effective deterrent against netbook theft. However, it is definitely not fool-proof. For example, thief might simply shutdown your netbook before stealing it, and no alarm will sound in that case. However, I would still use this software on my netbook, as it will help at least in majority of situations, if not all. It is also helpful to encrypt data disk.
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Note you can configure your computer to prevent unauthorized people from shutdowning your computer, see the knowledge base article 1.