GeekZu praised LAlarm as small and useful laptop security alarm

GeekZu, a tech blog, praised LAlarm as small and useful laptop security alarm. GeekZu in a review article explained how to install and use features of LAlarm. Here are some excerpts from the article:
Let Your Stolen Laptop Scream To Help You Find It
There are different ways to secure your laptop against theft, but in this article, we’ll show you a free way to improve your laptop security. LAlarm is a free laptop security alarming software. It has several different alarms to help protect your laptop, the most important of them being the Theft Alarm. …when someone attempts to steal your laptop, either the power cord or the USB flash drive will get disconnected from the laptop. This triggers the Theft Alarm, and the thief will get a nasty shock because the laptop will emit a loud siren like a car alarm….

You can use IP addresses to define “Safe Zones” in which your laptop is considered safe. If anyone tries to use it outside the pre-defined safe zones, it triggers the Perimeter Alarm...

LAlarm runs as a background process when you start your laptop. In my tests, it took up an insignificant 7.5MB of memory, so you probably won’t even notice that it is running.
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