InformaticaPratica praised LAlarm as personal information protector

InformaticaPratica, an Italian tech blog, praised LAlarm as " protect our personal information from theft of the laptop ". The blog says:
LAlarm: protect our personal information from theft of the laptop
The use of computers in every case leads to the storage of our personal data, important documents, passwords, personal accounts, and any other information.
These of course we want to keep confidential, and then down programs that allow you to protect files with passwords, programs that hide files so that they are invisible, and programs that directly encrypt everything we want, so that data from a folder completely unreadable.

All this therefore gives us a better protection against intruders who want to fix your nose to read our information . But everything goes to hell in one case, if in fact, happen in the unlikely event that our laptop is stolen in one way or another, these data could be extrapolated, and therefore not only we lost our beloved laptop but all data containing confidential information including account passwords, credit card numbers and so the situation much worse.

The program that we present, using audible alarms, we will not only protect your computer from theft, but also to destroy any folders on your system in case of theft or to launch programs or processes in the same case in this so even if we lose the computer at least we saved the data.

Once downloaded and launched three options present themselves, so we press on "install" to install ' application , once completed you will be prompted to restart your computer, then let's do it.

Each time the computer restarts the program will start, but is virtually invisible to access configuration we click on the link located in the start menu.
The options allow us to set the settings made, but already the default program alarms ability to disconnect the computer from the cable feed , and alarms that are triggered when the available energy reaches 30% disk has ol'hard some mistakes, put the computer to protect just plug into the mains, and then press the configuration win + L "the computer will pause, if by chance then we remove the cable (for example, someone who wants to steal it) the computer will emit a alarm.
Advanced options allow us to select the folder, then the program will detect a theft will delete all data in these folders.
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