Computer Tips blog praised LAlarm innovative

Computer Tips, Windows software blog, praises LAlarm as 'an innovative approach to the protection of a portable computer'. The blog further says:
LAlarm is an innovative approach to the protection of a portable computer - laptop or notebook. Initiates an alarm when a potential thief tries to steal it (usually in a public place). And if he does succeed in some way, then to protect our confidential data from unauthorized use automatically destroy them using built-in shredder. It can also send SMS alerts on mobile or e-mail address. But that's not all its possibilities. We will be warned of low battery condition, thereby protecting our data from damage - in the event of sudden power failure, as well as from loss due to hard disk failures.
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LAlarm suggested for laptop security by Orange Net

Orange Net, a group of computing professionals, suggests use of LAlarm laptop security. Here are some excerpts from the article:
Shift from the desktop to laptop computers, transportation, as well as makes it easy to play. Protection against theft of laptops, but applications often an expensive option. Fortunately, there is a method free of charge by LAlarm.
LAlarm against theft of your laptop in different levels of security. The first one is based on directly to prevent theft. .. A last resort, and the program can allow you to delete all data on your hard disk. …

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LAlarm prasied as intelligent and the most comprehensive software

Software Latest Releases, a software blog, praised as "an intelligent software" and "none as comprehensive as LAlarm". The blog further says "Finally, if we cannot avoid laptop theft, at least our most important data is safe with LAlarm". Here are excerpts from the article:
Laptop theft is one of the most frustrating things that could happen to a person. Beyond the machine itself, real problems arise due to sensitive data loss. Thus, nothing better than to have an alarm for robbers and if someone takes your computer anyway, a system that erase content, the most important element of your system.

However there are many alternatives to an alarm in your laptop, but none as comprehensive as LAlarm. LAlarm is an intelligent software that acts as the settings established by the user. LAlarm does blow its whistle when the computer is in danger of being stolen, which undermine your notebook or data stored on it. After you install the program, you must choose what actions should be taken in certain situations. But it is necessary to comply with certain conditions that identify themselves with the robber’s handheld.

To install the LAlarm you don’t need a long time. Click the executable file and choose Install. …

You can set the LAlarm to erase any files and folders when stolen. In addition to monitoring, LAlarm also alert the user through a variety of ways. The audible alarm is useful, however you are not always nearby to your notebook, so you can configure the program to automatically send an e-mail to your given e-mail ID. The application also provides options for notifications via SMS; however this option works only with American carriers. LAlarm also allows you to define a secure zone around your computer using different IP addresses.

The LAlarm has a differentiator for other applications of the genre, because it serves to monitor battery longevity, disk utilization and even idle system. The configuration is done manually and you are alerted constantly in cases of low battery, little use of the resources of the laptop and excessive use of disk. Finally, if we cannot avoid laptop theft, at least our most important data is safe with LAlarm.

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Please note that SMS alert feature may not work in some countries. However we have tested it also work with non-Amican carriers as well.

The Tennessee Technology Center suggests use of LAlarm

The Tennessee Technology Center suggests use of LAlarm to secure laptops and netbooks. Here is what The Tennessee Technology Center says "If you have an old USB drive, download LAlarm for free and install the software to your laptop or netbook. Use the drive to secure your laptop to the leg of a chair or table. Lock your laptop with the Win+L keys and if the drive is removed an alarm sounds."


Learn how to disarm theft alarm before installing LAlarm

Some users are very excited to find LAlarm on the Internet. They immediately download and install it. Then trigger the theft alarm without knowing how to disarm it. When loud theft alarm is on, some users don't know what to do and even panic. So they remove the laptop battery.
Now they put the battery back into the laptop and the alarm continues. So remove the battery. When the user places the battery back to the laptop, the alarm continues again.
The cycle continues.

How to stop the alarm? You must disarm it.

See, the disarm instruction in FAQ or in the product manual.

See also: If you don't have Windows logon password, you can not stop the alarm.

Theft alarm continues to sound (no Windows logon password)

When you start the computer, theft alarm start to sound. You can not stop the alarm by entering your Windows logon password because Windows logo password is disabled.
Windows logon password is not enabled.
Enable Windows logon password.
How to enable logon password in Windows XP
  1. Press Win+R
  2. Type in the following command: "control userpasswords2" without quotation marks
  3. Click OK
  4. Highlight your user name and then check the box for "Users must enter a username and password to use this computer"
  5. Click on Apply or OK.
  6. Restart computer.

If you already have logon password enabled, have a problem without turning off alarm see
How do I stop theft alarm when it continues to sound after restarting the computer

See also: Windows XP logo password is a must

Technology and Tips blog praised LAlarm as simple and free solution to laptop security in public places

Technology and Tips blog praised LAlarm as simple and free solution to laptop security in public places. There are some excerpts from the blog article:
Laptop Alarm and Security for Peace of Mind
Did you ever hesitate to leave your laptop for a few minutes in a public space like a library? Afraid that someone will take your laptop? Now there is a simple and free solution to this problem!
LAlarm is free laptop alarm security software. LAlarm sounds an alarm when …

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Tech Tip Geek praised LAlarm as "high security for your laptop"

Tech Tip Geek, a leading tech tip blog, praised LAlarm as "high security for your laptop". Here are some excerpts from the article:
Laptop security is important especially when you are away from your laptop. If you lose your laptop you will lose all your personal data like bank account number, credit card number, important phone number as well as you will face a lose of great amount of price money.
Lalarm is a free software which sounds a loud alarm when your laptop is in danger from theft and losing important data. It not only prevent theft also has some more alarm and security function to protect your laptop and important data. Lalarm provides a high security for your laptop. Here I have discussed about some important features of Lalarm….
So Lalarm security software is totally devoted for security purpose and to save your laptop health and data. Download Lalarm security software and save your laptop and important data from others hand.
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A leading netbook freeware blog praised LAlarm as "a very effective deterrent against netbook theft"

NetbookFreeware, a leading netbook freeware blog, praised LAlarm as "a very effective deterrent against netbook theft". NetbookFreeware further says:
LAlarm: Prevent your Netbook from Getting Stolen
LAlarm is a free software that helps in preventing your netbook from getting stolen. When a thief tries to steal your netbook, LAlarm sounds a loud alarm in the same manner as car alarm. This can deter the thief from stealing your netbook.
Erase Netbook Data if it is Stolen:
In case a thief manages to steal your netbook, one thing you might be most worried about is your sensitive data. LAlarm takes care of this too. In case your netbook is stolen, and the thief tries to login to netbook with wrong credentials, LAlarm will securely erase your pre-defined files and folders. Once the data deletion process is complete, LAlarm can even send you an email (only if netbook is connected to internet).
Apart from this, LAlarm can also send you an email and SMS when it detects that netbook is stolen. This works only if netbook is connected to internet.
Final Thoughts:
I find LAlarm a very effective deterrent against netbook theft. However, it is definitely not fool-proof. For example, thief might simply shutdown your netbook before stealing it, and no alarm will sound in that case. However, I would still use this software on my netbook, as it will help at least in majority of situations, if not all. It is also helpful to encrypt data disk.
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Note you can configure your computer to prevent unauthorized people from shutdowning your computer, see the knowledge base article 1.

GeekZu praised LAlarm as small and useful laptop security alarm

GeekZu, a tech blog, praised LAlarm as small and useful laptop security alarm. GeekZu in a review article explained how to install and use features of LAlarm. Here are some excerpts from the article:
Let Your Stolen Laptop Scream To Help You Find It
There are different ways to secure your laptop against theft, but in this article, we’ll show you a free way to improve your laptop security. LAlarm is a free laptop security alarming software. It has several different alarms to help protect your laptop, the most important of them being the Theft Alarm. …when someone attempts to steal your laptop, either the power cord or the USB flash drive will get disconnected from the laptop. This triggers the Theft Alarm, and the thief will get a nasty shock because the laptop will emit a loud siren like a car alarm….

You can use IP addresses to define “Safe Zones” in which your laptop is considered safe. If anyone tries to use it outside the pre-defined safe zones, it triggers the Perimeter Alarm...

LAlarm runs as a background process when you start your laptop. In my tests, it took up an insignificant 7.5MB of memory, so you probably won’t even notice that it is running.
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Computelogy praised LAlarm as "A MUST HAVE SOFTWARE"

Computelogy, a tech blog, praises LAlarm as "A MUST HAVE SOFTWARE". Computelogy also says:
This is A MUST HAVE SOFTWARE which should be on your computer. This would be a good companion of your Malware Security software. Malware Security software can not save you from physical theft of your computer but it can. This is very useful and nice piece. I have it on my one laptop. I will use it for personal usage. At least, you should try it. Below is a URL where you can access LAlarm.
Read more praised LAlarm, a leading netbook software download web site, praised that LAlarm helps protect netbooks when someone tries to steal them. says:
LAlarm 5.7 - Protect your Netbook from getting theft in Public Places
This particular software would come in handy if you travel a lot. The fact that it provides protection when your device is disconnected form the power supply or even an USB drive is definitely going to help you out when someone tries to steal your netbook.
The Data Destruction mode is one of the prime features of this software as it will automatically delete your data when some intruder tries to type in the wrong password.
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TechMixer praised LAlarm as comprehensive security software

TechMixer, a tech blog, praised LAlarm as comprehensive security software. TechMixer says:
LAlarm: Secures your laptop from theft, overstress and protects important data
Security regarding the data, battery or even the Laptop itself, is a key issue. There are not many softwares in the market providing all these instances of security, packed in a single setup. LAlarm is unique software, which comes up with rather a simple interface but supports multifarious alarms including Theft Alarm, Perimeter Alarm, Inattention alarm, battery alarm, disk alarm, health alarm and panic alarm. Thus, it ensures complete security of your laptop.
Seeing the huge list of alarms, one would expect the software to be of huge size. Well, it is not the case here. It is just 970KB in size....

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InformaticaPratica praised LAlarm as personal information protector

InformaticaPratica, an Italian tech blog, praised LAlarm as " protect our personal information from theft of the laptop ". The blog says:
LAlarm: protect our personal information from theft of the laptop
The use of computers in every case leads to the storage of our personal data, important documents, passwords, personal accounts, and any other information.
These of course we want to keep confidential, and then down programs that allow you to protect files with passwords, programs that hide files so that they are invisible, and programs that directly encrypt everything we want, so that data from a folder completely unreadable.

All this therefore gives us a better protection against intruders who want to fix your nose to read our information . But everything goes to hell in one case, if in fact, happen in the unlikely event that our laptop is stolen in one way or another, these data could be extrapolated, and therefore not only we lost our beloved laptop but all data containing confidential information including account passwords, credit card numbers and so the situation much worse.

The program that we present, using audible alarms, we will not only protect your computer from theft, but also to destroy any folders on your system in case of theft or to launch programs or processes in the same case in this so even if we lose the computer at least we saved the data.

Once downloaded and launched three options present themselves, so we press on "install" to install ' application , once completed you will be prompted to restart your computer, then let's do it.

Each time the computer restarts the program will start, but is virtually invisible to access configuration we click on the link located in the start menu.
The options allow us to set the settings made, but already the default program alarms ability to disconnect the computer from the cable feed , and alarms that are triggered when the available energy reaches 30% disk has ol'hard some mistakes, put the computer to protect just plug into the mains, and then press the configuration win + L "the computer will pause, if by chance then we remove the cable (for example, someone who wants to steal it) the computer will emit a alarm.
Advanced options allow us to select the folder, then the program will detect a theft will delete all data in these folders.
Read full article (via Google translation) praised Alarm as smart anti-theft alarm software, a Madrid Spain based company providing technology review and news, praised LAlarm as smart anti-theft alarm software. says:
Smart software anti-theft alarm for a laptop that provides various security features to prevent, as well as data recovery and destruction options to protect your sensitive data. The program can sound an audible alarm if someone is trying to steal it and also block the system if someone is trying to hack the password. Once the system is blocked, the program can try to upload files at the Gmail account and / or securely delete the contents of selected folders or drives.
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An Italian tech blog praised LAlarm an excellent and easy to use security software

Guidami, an Italian tech blog, praises LAlarm as "an excellent security software". Guidami says:
LAlarm is a free program for notebooks which is a real alarm sound (makes the sound of siren) that will alert the owner when an attacker is stealing the laptop by pulling cord.

The alarm volume is also quite high. ..

LAlarm is an excellent security software in case of theft of the laptop also allows private documents and destroy all sensitive data stored on the hard disk (by sending an automatic backup in your Gmail inbox.)

Useful in 'event that despite the warning has not managed to catch the thief, but that will not find any documentation of the owner. Also through proper configuration, you can even receive a notice of theft via email.

Easy to use…
Read full article (via Google translation) suggests LAlarm to laptop users, the leading laptop review web site, suggests LAlarm to the laptop users who want to add an additional security to their laptops. Here is what the says:
Stop Laptop Thieves With LAlarm
Have you been looking for a good way to add a bit of protection to your notebook? Not anti-virus protection, but protection from a fast fingered felon who might slip into your dorm room, cubicle or coffee shop booth? If so, you should check out the free LAlarm app which can sound an alert when a laptop is unplugged.

LAlarm is a free security app that can sound the alarm if someone tries to steal your laptop
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LAlarm praised as "7 fully configurable alarms to protect your laptop and sensitive information"

TARINGA!, a popular tech web site in Spanish language, praised LAlarm and provided a good summary of the software:
LAlarm is a free alarm to protect the physical security, sound when your laptop is in danger of theft or loss of information and can retrieve or destroy data if the laptop is stolen, it has 7 fully configurable alarms to protect your laptop and sensitive information...
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Gelecekonline praised LAlarm for providing a very useful laptop security measure

Gelecekonline, a leading Turkish tech web site, praises LAlarm that "offers a very useful measure" also said "This free tool will provide security for your laptop". Read full article (via Google translation)