A workaround for non-English Windows users

Attention non-English Windows users. (For example, for those users who are using Spanish, Chinese version of Windows. ) There will be an error message when you try to use the account lockout function of LAlarm in a non-English Windows. In another word, you will encounter an error message as also mentioned in the troubleshooting article if you do the following in a non-English Windows: Run Options, click Lockout tab, click Configure, Click either Enable or Disable button.

There are some workarounds for this error. If your Windows is Vista business, Vista ultimate, Windows 7 business, or Windows 7 ultimate edition, see: http://www.lalarm.com/en/KB3.htm#For_Vista_Business_and_Ultimate If your Windows is Vista Home or Windows 7 Home edition, please contact LAlarm Tech Support or contact your network administrator for a help. Alternatively, consult Windows user's guide for account lockout and enabling audit policy for account lockout.

See also: "The requested operation was not successful. Error Code 2."