Hanoi University introduces LAlarm as laptop theft solution

Hanoi University introduced LAlarm to their students as the solution for laptop theft. The article detailed how to use LAlarm. Here are some excerpts from the article.
After you restart the computer, Lalarm symbol will appear on the system tray and are ready to work. You can try by a USB plug or socket for the laptop, press the Windows + L to lock Windows. Now you try to pull the USB or pulling power, your laptop will "hu" to immediately and only when you log back on to Windows, a new alarm off.

Socket is the most effective solution by laptop thief can not pass without disconnect power. With USB, you need to have a long string column to a certain fixed place. But if the thief hit the power button again laptop screen or in test Lalarm also disabled because the computer will then move to the status of the Sleep / Hibernate or shutdown if you leave the default configuration of Windows. You see how to avoid this at the end of the article.
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