Windows7Hack blog praised LAlarm as the best laptop alarm

Windows7Hack blog reviewed LAlarm and praised LAlarm as the complete and best laptop alarm. Windows7Hack says "there are many alternatives to set an alarm on your laptop, but none as complete as LAlarm". Here are some excerpts from the article.
there are many alternatives to set an alarm on your laptop, but none as complete as LAlarm.

LAlarm is a free alarm to protect the physical security, sound when your laptop is in danger of theft or loss of information and can retrieve or destroy data if the laptop is stolen, it has 7 fully configurable alarms to protect your laptop and sensitive information.
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Hanoi University introduces LAlarm as laptop theft solution

Hanoi University introduced LAlarm to their students as the solution for laptop theft. The article detailed how to use LAlarm. Here are some excerpts from the article.
After you restart the computer, Lalarm symbol will appear on the system tray and are ready to work. You can try by a USB plug or socket for the laptop, press the Windows + L to lock Windows. Now you try to pull the USB or pulling power, your laptop will "hu" to immediately and only when you log back on to Windows, a new alarm off.

Socket is the most effective solution by laptop thief can not pass without disconnect power. With USB, you need to have a long string column to a certain fixed place. But if the thief hit the power button again laptop screen or in test Lalarm also disabled because the computer will then move to the status of the Sleep / Hibernate or shutdown if you leave the default configuration of Windows. You see how to avoid this at the end of the article.
Read full article (via Google translation) praised LAlarm as the best and most complete alarm system for laptop, a popular tech blog in Spanish, praised LAlarm as "the most complete alarm system for laptop" and also praised that " the best and most complete system of alarms" for notebooks and netbooks. Here are some excerpts from the article.
Best Portable Alarm LAlarm
This software has the most complete alarm system for laptops virtually alarms for all, and besides it is free. The program is called LAlarm.

LAlarm is currently the best and most complete system of alarms that can be installed on your notebook, laptop or netbook.

It is an indispensable tool for all who use a laptop, you just need a little knowledge of English and time to configure it to our taste and needs.
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Error message: "setup has stopped working"

An error message appear "setup has stopped working" when you click on LAlarm setup program on Vista (or Windows 7).
A 3rd party service or program that is already running in the back ground intercepts and runs another program instead of LAlarm setup program when you click to run LAlarm setup program, Many Vista users experience such problem error message when they try to install other software. (for example,
To confirm this, you can click on "View problem details" in the error dialog windows. The file version information and the time stamp of the file information show that the setup program (setup.exe) is not a LAlarm program.
Temporarily disable all 3rd party the startup programs and services before installing. The below is an instruction how to temporarily disable them. Microsoft calls this procedure clean boot. Here is detailed instruction from Microsoft. (The clean boot is another way to eliminate the interference from other software. Once you eliminate the interference by other application, you can run LAlarm setup program.)
To disable the startup programs and services
  1. Press Win+R
  2. Enter 'msconfig', and then press enter.
  3. Click the Startup tab, and then click Disable All.
  4. Click the Services tab, select Hide all Microsoft services, and then click Disable All.
  5. Click Apply, and then click OK.
  6. Restart the computer.
You can enable the 3rd startup programs and services with 'msconfig' and by clicking Enable All button in Startup tab and Services tab after completing installation.

LAlarm praised as "an intelligent software" by Baixak

Baixak, a leading software download and review web site in Brazil, praised LAlarm as " an intelligent software". Also Baixak recommends LAlarm "LAlarm is recommended for any user who values the safety of your laptop and want to have more peace of mind when leaving home."
Your laptop is safe with this software that protects files and sounds an alarm in case of theft.

So, nothing better than having an alarm for that theft will not happen and if someone takes your computer anyway, a system that erases the most important content of your system …. The LAlarm is an intelligent software that acts as the settings established by the user. If you store important documents of your company, you can configure LAlarm to delete any folders when stolen.

For those who have paranoia about the security of documents and notebook LAlarm might find in an efficient way of monitoring. In addition to free software is proving very light and is highlighted by having many settings. Of course there are some imperfections in the program, since there is no translation into Portuguese and lack guidance for application protection (one master password).
In our tests we saw that the software actually monitors the activities of PC and should be a great ally in the daily. It is worth noting that sending messages to an email address can only be accomplished by using a Gmail account. LAlarm is recommended for any user who values the safety of your laptop and want to have more peace of mind when leaving home.
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A workaround for non-English Windows users

Attention non-English Windows users. (For example, for those users who are using Spanish, Chinese version of Windows. ) There will be an error message when you try to use the account lockout function of LAlarm in a non-English Windows. In another word, you will encounter an error message as also mentioned in the troubleshooting article if you do the following in a non-English Windows: Run Options, click Lockout tab, click Configure, Click either Enable or Disable button.

There are some workarounds for this error. If your Windows is Vista business, Vista ultimate, Windows 7 business, or Windows 7 ultimate edition, see: If your Windows is Vista Home or Windows 7 Home edition, please contact LAlarm Tech Support or contact your network administrator for a help. Alternatively, consult Windows user's guide for account lockout and enabling audit policy for account lockout.

See also: "The requested operation was not successful. Error Code 2."

Error message: "The requested operation was not successful. Error Code 2."

An error message appears in in Non-English Windows users "The requested operation was not successful. Error Code 2." When you click on Configure in Lockout tab of Options and press Enable or Disable button.
LAlarm does not support account lockout function in non-English Windows. The account lockout function provided in Lockout tab of Options is only for English Vista and Windows 7 users.
For Non-English Windows user, you may try:
  • See the knowledge based article #3.
  • Contact LAlarm tech support for an assistant with account lockout.
  • Consulting Windows manual- Windows provides functions for account lockout and enabling audit policy for account lockout.

LAlarm praised as "very useful" by RehlaOnline

RehlaOnline, an Arabic technology blog, praised LAlarm as "very useful".
Program is very useful for people who are forced to leave their computers in "unsafe areas" or in public areas such as cafes or places of assembly ... etc.. It is also very useful for people who have information and data on "sensitive" to their computers and are interested in that is not up to anyone in case their computers stolen; As I said, the program will destroy all information on the device when stolen….
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LAlarm praised as the ultimate laptop alarm by, a popular Spanish web site for computer security, reviewed and praised LAlarm as the ultimate laptop alarm.
The Ultimate Alarm for Your Laptop
The theft of a laptop, is one of the worst things that can happen to a person passionate about technology…there are many alternatives to put an alarm on your laptop, but none as complete as LAlarm...
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The article was translated from the original article written in Spanish:

Free Download A Day featured LAlarm

Free Download A Day is a popular blog that discovers and introduces useful free software and recently featured LAlarm.
Secure your laptop with LAlarm

What's worse than losing your data? How about losing your computer with your data on it? Youch!

Laptops are handy things. You can grab your whole workspace and bring it with you. Working on a big project? Bring it home and finish it there. Pretty swell, until your laptop goes missing. So let's keep that from happening.

LAlarm features a bunch of different alarms to help protect you, your computer, and the data stored on it. Along with an anti-theft alarm, it comes with several other alarms as well. If your hard drive starts acting like it's going to fail, LAlarm sounds an alarm to let you know your data may be in danger. If your battery's about to run out, there's another alarm to let you know that you really ought to save your files.
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A good email address is essential in order to get a quick tech support

Providing us a good email address is essential in order to get a quick tech support from LAlarm Systems. A good email address means an email address that you can actually receive email from others as well as from us. When you are contacting LAlarm tech support, please ensure your return email address is correct and working condition. Our tech support reply emails within 2 business days. However you may never see the email from us because:
  • your email account has a problem and doesn't accept email from us;
  • you have provided a wrong return email address and the email we sent you was bounced back; or
  • your email service provider refused to accept the email that we sent you or sent into your spam folder.
This kind of problem has been an ongoing issue. If you recently contacted our tech support with and email address, we are unable to reply your email due to the problems mentioned above. If you do not hear from us within 2 business days, it means that your email address is not working properly. In that case, you should contact us with an email address that you can actually receive an email.

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Snapfiles praised LAlarm as a clever anti-theft alarm software

Snapfiles, one of popular software review web sites, has reviewed LAlarm and rated LAlarm 5 stars out of 5. Here is what Snapfiles says about LAlarm:
LAlarm is a clever anti-theft alarm software for your laptop that provides different security features to prevent your laptop from being stolen, as well as data recovery and destruction options to protect your sensitive data. The program can sound an audible alarm if someone is trying to steal your laptop, and also lock down your system if someone is trying to hack your password. Once the system has been locked down due to password tempering, the program can try to upload data from selected folders to your Gmail account and/or securely delete the content of selected folders or drives. LAlarm assumes that someone is trying to steal your computer if the power cord is unplugged or if a USB drive is removed while the system is armed. You can lock down your laptop with any USB drive by fastening a strap to the USB stick and then securing it to a table, chair, luggage or other object - if someone wants to steal your laptop, he will need to unplug the USB drive, which will activate the alarm. Other features include battery alerts, perimeter alarms (based on IP address range), email and SMS notifications, command-line executions, and more….
Read more at praised LAlarm as a must have laptop security software, the publisher of Best Magazine, article says LAlarm is one of the 7 must-have security software for road warrior laptops. LAlarm was listed as a must-have laptop security software among encryption (TrueCrypt), firewall, antivirus (AVG), backup (Cobian), tracking software (Prey project), and file shredder (Eraser).

7 Must-Have Free Software To Protect Your Home Office, Road Warrior Laptop

Traditional computer security measures often are not enough to protect your laptop and netbook.

Laptop security risks include insecure public wireless networks, laptop theft, laptop search, about which you don't worry with your desktop computer. Whether your laptop is stolen, your privacy can still be at risk by simply traveling with your laptop.

However, good laptop security does not have to cost money. The following are seven easy-to-use, useful and free applications that can help protect your laptop, your sensitive data and your privacy.

Encryption. TrueCrypt ( program can protect your data against unauthorized access.

Backup. Cobian Backup ( is a reliable backup software that can protect your data against loss. An alternative is Mozy ( free edition — an online backup software with 2 gigs of space.

Antivirus. AVG free edition provides protection against viruses, spyware and other malware. (

Firewall. The built-in Windows firewall protects your laptop against hackers while you're online. (but make sure you configured it properly)

Alarm. LAlarm helps prevent your laptop from theft and is like a car alarm for your laptop. Also it can recover and destroy data in case of laptop theft and more. (

Tracking. Prey laptop tracking software ( can locate laptops if stolen.

File shredder. Eraser permanently deletes sensitive data such as passwords, Internet browse history, personal information from your laptop. (

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