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LAlarm "a very cool tool" praised by Ken Harthun

Ken Harthun, a former research scientist currently writing a book "14 Golden Rules of Computer Security", reviewed LAlarm and published in a Techtarget web site. Here is some excerpt.
Picture this: Someone tries to steal your laptop off your desk and as soon as they pull the plug from the wall, your laptop emits a screaming siren that won’t quit until your password is entered to unlock the laptop and disable the alarm.

There’s another scenario: You take one of your old USB thumb drives (maybe the one you used to make an anti virus bootable scanner) attach a chain to it and secure it to your desk; if someone tries to move your laptop, unplugging the USB thumb drive in the process, the alarm goes off.

This is possible because of an interesting piece of software called “LAlarm.” It’s free for personal use and there’s a nominal fee for commercial use. …

I tested this software by installing it on my Dell laptop. It works. You simply install the software, configure the options you want and restart your laptop. To set the alarm, you just press Windows key + L to lock the workstation. If anyone pulls the plug or removes the thumb drive, the alarm sounds.

There’s much more to the software than just an alarm. …
For detail, see the "How to Make a USB Thumb Drive Laptop Theft Alarm"

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Windows Guides praised LAlarm as very useful software

Windows Guides (mintywhite) says "LAlarm provides you with great Laptop Security Software…Very useful software, with lots of features"

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Technology Bites praised LAlarm as a complete laptop security utility

Technology Bites says "Some of the effective software for this purpose are – LAlarm, Prey and Adeona. Unlike Prey and Adeona, which track the location of the stolen laptop, LAlarm comes as a complete laptop security utility. It’s a free security software that sounds an alarm when your laptop is in danger of being stolen. LAlarm triggers an alarm when the laptop is disconnected from the power outlet or removed from the table and can destroy all your sensitive data if, the laptop gets stolen. You can also get an SMS alert when an alarm goes off."

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The Kim Komando Show reviewed LAlarm

The Kim Komando Show reviewed LAlarm and here is what they say:
I’m sure you love your laptop. It connects you to your digital life wherever you are. What’s better than sitting in a coffee shop and getting work done? Nothing, I say. But do you know who else loves your computer? Thieves.

To a thief, your laptop is a shiny, portable payday. You might get up for your tenth cup of coffee. And when you turn around, your laptop is gone. It can happen that fast. Shouldn’t there be some kind of warning system?

LAlarm is like a car alarm for your laptop. It’s pretty easy to use. When you get up for that coffee, lock your computer. Just press Windows Key + L. If your power adapter is unplugged, an alarm sounds at full volume. It can’t be turned off without logging back in.
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