How to press the mute button automatically

When an alarm goes off except theft alarm, there is a mute button on the screen. The mute button allows you to stop the sound. By the default setting, the alarm sound will continue until the mute button is pressed. You can configure LAlarm to press the button automatically.
For example, if you want LAlarm to automatically press the mute button within 30 seconds from the health alarm going off, do the followings:
  1. Append "-mute30" string to the end of the sound filename. For example, chirping-mute30.wav.
  2. Start LAlarm Options.
  3. Click Sound tab.
  4. Choose "chirping-mute30.wav" for health alarm sound file. (e.g. c:\users\[username]\music\ chirping-mute30.wav)
  5. Press OK.
After the above procedure, LAlarm will press the mute button 30 seconds after the health alarm going off. As a result, the alarm sound will stop. You can specify a different amount of time instead of 30 seconds. You can also configure other alarm by using the above procedure above except panic alarm and theft alarm.

See also: How to make alarm silent

This tip applies to LAlarm version 5.5 or later.