How to reduce eye strain with LAlarm

First enable the health alarm and then restart the computer. Just use your computer as you normally do. When you use your computer for a long time (50 minutes by the default setting) without a break, the health alarm will go off and show a health warning message on the screen like this.

Screen: health warning

When you encounter the message:
  • break away from the computer and do some simple eye exercises for a minute.
  • do not use the computer until the health warning message is gone on the screen.
This may relief on eye strain in your daily computer use. You may notice a difference as early as 24 hours from a trial.

If you have chronic eye strain or repetitive stress injuries and still have to use a computer, you may adjust the Work Duration to 20 minutes from the 50 minutes default and gradually increase when it is suitable for you. You may do the same when you're setting up health alarm for your children. The duration of break is 10 minutes by the default setting, but you can also adjust it in the LAlarm Options.

The health alarm will be running fully automatically without user intervention- no need to start or stop a timer. Even the warning message will automatically be appeared and disappeared accordingly without user intervention. It can help you develop a healthy computer habit. Once you develop a healthy computer habit, the health alarm will no longer show you any warning message.

This tip is not intended to be a medical advice. This tip applies to LAlarm version 5.3 or later versions.